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A Confession of Healing

Father, in the name of Jesus, I praise you that Jesus Himself took (in order to carry away) my weaknesses and infirmities and bore away my diseases.  Because of this and in agreement with Mark 11:24, I pray and believe that I am healed NOW!  According to Your Word, Jesus personally bore my sins in His own body to the tree as to an altar and offered Himself on it, that I might cease to exist to sin and live to righteousness, and by His wounds I have been healed.

My faith in Your Word is my proof that I am healed, regardless of what my body says.  I speak right now to my body and command that you get in line with the Word of God that says you have been healed.  I expect you to ACT healed and LOOK healed and SOUND healed and FEEL healed and TASTE healed and SMELL healed, in the name of Jesus!

I thank You, Father, that it is done now!  I will not weaken in faith nor consider my body.  No unbelief or distrust will make me waver or doubtingly question concerning Your Word, but I am strong, and empowered by faith, and I give praise and glory to You, in Jesus' name, because I am fully satisfied that You are able and mighty to keep Your Word and to do what You have promised.

Scripture references (all from the King James version)
Isaiah 53:4 & 5, Matthew 8:17, I Peter 2:24, Mark 11:23 & 24, Romans 4:19-21

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